Before I saw you. . .

Days were bright before I saw you
Nights were starry before I saw you
Alas! Life was awesome before I saw you

The winters won’t chill so much
The summers won’t grill so much
Rains won’t flood so much, before I saw you

It was party time  with friends late night
It was taking excuses on coming home late
It was loud music and fun before I saw you

I’d eat  t myself and cook for me
I’d seek  no one wait for me
Problems had solutions before I saw you

You came into  my life
and since you’re gone !

Smiles have no meaning
flowers forgot blossoming
Loud music is not moving
Starry nights are missing

no friends no party
all problems and no solution
why separation O’ why separation!

Death won’t embrace
before I saw you

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